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Street Communication is one of the leading LED screen companies – providing custom LED screens to satisfy any customer’s needs.

Founded in London, United Kingdom in 2006, We are a multinational company composed of manufacturers, designers, and engineers with more than ten years experience working with LED. We specialize in customized, made to order LED lights in unconventional shapes with an emphasis on designs that are new and innovative as well as elegant and sophisticated.

Our past projects have drawn on technology enabling the usage of lightweight, flexible and bendable LED lights to create columns, cylinders, and rings. We excel at combining innovative designs with the necessary structural engineering.

Our young and dynamic team is available to walk customers through every step of the process from initial brainstorming to the installation of their tailored, finished product. Through the collaboration of our architectural designers, LED engineers, and structural engineers, we make visions a reality.

Meet the Team

Some of the reasons you should put your trust in us…

Our extensive experience amassed over many projects

Our designers and architects specialized in building with LED

Our structural engineer who handles the safety engineering and stability calculations

Our LED engineer who delivers the best product

Our young and energetic team here to guide you through every step of the rental and purchase processes

Our cutting edge LED technology that is constantly being updated and improved

Our integration and installation team on-site to install your project

Our 24/7 maintenance and service support

Our spirit of innovation in LED design

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