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Angled LED display, pixel pitch 1.8 mm

Angled LED display, pixel pitch 1.8 mm
  • angled_led_display

Pixel PitchResoluciónBrilloViewing DistanceICLED Configuration
2.911890630001 mJTI5020SMD1515
3.110405830002 mJTI5020SMD2121
3.96574630002 m5252SMD2020
4.45165230003 m5252SMD2020
4.84340230003 mMBI5124SMD3528
54000030004 m5124SMD3528
5.23698230004 m5252SMD3528
6.22601430005 mMBI5124SMD3528
6.62295630005 mMY9269SMD3528
7.21929030006 mJTI5020SMD3528
7.51777730006 m5124SMD3528
7.81643630006 m5252SMD3528
9.31156230007 m5124SMD3528
101000030009 mMY9269SMD3528
10.4924530009 m5252SMD3528


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Angled LED displays allow you to create almost any shape you want for your screen. The borders assemble themselves together and form angles that give you the possibility to build a specific shape. They are easy to instal, manipulate and move, and also very time resistant. These display will allow you to expend your creativity, have an original screen and to shine brighter than with a basic flat screen.

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