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5 avantages des écrans LED pour un restaurant

vous êtes l'heureux propriétaire d'un restaurant ?

Alors vous savez sûrement que ce n’est pas une entreprise facile à gérer. Comment se démarquer ?

Restaurant LED Screen

Vous voulez sortir du lot ?

Cela peut être fait rapidement et facile grâce aux panneaux LED. Le public réagit positivement aux affichages numériques attrayants. Et ce n’est pas tout !

Voici la liste des avantages majeurs consécutif à l'installation d'écrans LED dans votre restaurant.

Augmentation de la fréquentation

L’avantage principal d’employer l’affichage numérique c'est qu’il permet d'augmenter la fréquentation. Donc, si vous voulez augmenter le nombre de clients et d'habitués, ces écrans peuvent être une bonne option couplé a une bonne campagne marketing et du bouche à oreille.

Boosts Retention

Do you know marketing displayed on digital signs come with a recall rate of 83 percent?

As digital displays can be changed frequently, you get a benefit of displaying multiple messages for n number of times. Hence, your businesses can use digital signage and enjoy an upswing in total sales volume. With these signs, you can keep diners aware of special or limited-time offers or you can introduce them to some untried menu options or products.

Increases Spending

Digital display causes customer to make an action immediately. These “feed” the impulse-buy-friendly consumer’s brain. Yes, a reports states that a greater number of customers bought products, without having any initial plan to do so, when they saw them being advertised digitally.

Better Satisfaction

When you have a right signage placed, your customers feel special and satisfied. Why? Simply, these displays make them aware of everything, ranging from a flash-sale to in-store offers, closeouts, and much more. Thus, they feel reassured that they are being valued.

Lastly, coming from the single-color models a few decades back to the newly evolved colorful and animated pieces, LED displays have come a long way. Yes, a single sign can offer your business a unique persona. But make sure it is creative and attractive enough to advertise. Let it be catchy and truly reflect your business.

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