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5mm pixel pitch, 2200 nits indoor LED display: Create LED screen any size – any shape

5mm pixel pitch, 2200 nits indoor LED display: Create LED screen any size – any shape
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display
  • 5mm LED Display

Pitch 5mm Integrated 3 in 1 Full Color Indoor LED Screen Series

The 5mm pitch LED display is one of our best ratio cost/quality. This product range is renowned for being light weight, easy to install, silent and power efficient. Next to these remarkable qualities, Pitch 5 also relies on our powerful image processing, offering outstanding image quality and ease of use.

Next to serving the highly demanding rental & staging market , Pitch 5 is also a very attractive product for fixed installations thanks to its minimal need for maintenance, limited thickness and low power

LED display PH6 HD screen.jpg

LED Screen Advantages


  • Black face 5.5mm pitch SMD LEDs
  • Low weight – 37kg/m²
  • Slim design, only 65mm deep
  • Renowned image quality based on our processing images
  • Black face SMD technology with high contrast
  • Integrated curved capabilities
  • Silent, no cooling fans
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low power consumption

1. Easy Maintenance :
★designed with easy assembly and installation

2.Wide viewing angle :
★patented design module mask with 160°/ 160° viewing perfect angle and good faltness.

3.Environment friendly:
★20% power saving to protect environment and saving your cost

4. Seamless Assembly:
★Processed by electromechanical machining with the accuracy to0.1mm.

5.Long using-life:
★Apexls choose high quality components patent circuit board design for display to ensure the using-life.

6. Convenient :
★Multiplied file formats, such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB are comprehensive, and display mode as VGA+VIDE and VGA.
★Display all kinds of word, text, graph, picture, video, 2-dimensional, 3- dimensional animation and TV and VCD other information with your PC does synchronously.
★Compatible with a variety of signal source input, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, DP, etc.

Fixed Indoor Displays

Pixel PitchResolutionBrightness (nits)Viewing DistanceICLED configuration
1.54444443000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
1.63906253000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
1.83086423000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
1.92770083000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
22500003000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
2.51600003000 1mMBI5153SMD2121
2.61479293000 1mMBI5124SMD2020
2.81275513000 1mMBI5124SMD2020
2.91112893000 1mMBI5152SMD2020
31111113000 2mMBI5124SMD2121
3.1692523000 2mMBI5124SMD2020
3.8692523000 2mMBI5153SMD2020
3.9657463000 2mMBI5124SMD2121
4625003000 3mMBI5124SMD2121
4.7452693000 3mMBI5124SMD2020
4.8434023000 3mMBI5124SMD3528
5400003000 4mMBI5124SMD3528
5.1384463000 4mMBI5124SMD3528
6277773000 4mMBI5124SMD3528
6.2260143000 5mMBI5020SMD3528
6.3251953000 5mMBI5153SMD3528
6.5236683000 5mMBI5153SMD3528
7.2192903000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
7.6173133000 6mMBI5153SMD3528
7.8164363000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
8156253000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
8.9126243000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
9123453000 7mMBI5153SMD3528
9.5110803000 7mMBI5124SMD3528
10100003000 9mMBI5124SMD3528
10.492453000 9mMBI5124SMD3528
1269443000 10mMBI5124SMD3528
12.564003000 10mMBI5153SMD3528
12.762003000 10mMBI5153SMD3528


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