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Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen

Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen
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Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen

Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen for making big statements in large spaces like shopping centres, cinemas, airports and so on to get eye catching results.

Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen is ideal for open spaces that are looking for an architectural touch to any environment, making the perfect centre piece of a room.

Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen has a pixel pitch of 5mm for crisp clear screen displays giving beautiful digital viewing

Aquarium LED Floor Display Screen is cost efficient and energry saving, with 60% less energy consomption and 60% lighter in weight.


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LED display indoor screen UDTV 1.2mm pixel pitch1
UTV1.2(1.2mm LED display)
1.Leading technology of high grey level and low brightness, contrast ratio 4000:1, refresh rate 3840Hz
2.Wide color range, excellent color uniformity, no rainbow effect, broadcasting strong stability
3.Seamless, bezel-free, size-free splicin gwith adjusting accuracy is 0.01mm
4.Metal cooling structure, no noise and nofan
5.Die-casting aluminum design, CNC precise processing
6.Modular front maintenance, supporting hot plugging for unit module and wires
LED display indoor screen UDTV 1.2mm pixel pitch

Fixed Indoor Displays

Pixel PitchResolutionBrightness (nits)Viewing DistanceICLED configuration
1.54444443000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
1.63906253000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
1.83086423000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
1.92770083000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
22500003000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010
2.51600003000 1mMBI5153SMD2121
2.61479293000 1mMBI5124SMD2020
2.81275513000 1mMBI5124SMD2020
2.91112893000 1mMBI5152SMD2020
31111113000 2mMBI5124SMD2121
3.1692523000 2mMBI5124SMD2020
3.8692523000 2mMBI5153SMD2020
3.9657463000 2mMBI5124SMD2121
4625003000 3mMBI5124SMD2121
4.7452693000 3mMBI5124SMD2020
4.8434023000 3mMBI5124SMD3528
5400003000 4mMBI5124SMD3528
5.1384463000 4mMBI5124SMD3528
6277773000 4mMBI5124SMD3528
6.2260143000 5mMBI5020SMD3528
6.3251953000 5mMBI5153SMD3528
6.5236683000 5mMBI5153SMD3528
7.2192903000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
7.6173133000 6mMBI5153SMD3528
7.8164363000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
8156253000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
8.9126243000 6mMBI5124SMD3528
9123453000 7mMBI5153SMD3528
9.5110803000 7mMBI5124SMD3528
10100003000 9mMBI5124SMD3528
10.492453000 9mMBI5124SMD3528
1269443000 10mMBI5124SMD3528
12.564003000 10mMBI5153SMD3528
12.762003000 10mMBI5153SMD3528
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