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Double Sided Flexible OLED

Double Sided Flexible OLED
  • transparent LG OLED Display
  • transparent LG OLED Display
  • transparent LG OLED Display
  • transparent LG OLED Display
  • transparent LG OLED Display
  • transparent LG OLED Display

Double Sided Flexible OLED

The OLED technology, like the LCD technology (on basic screens ), consists of a superposition of various layers to create light, color, black, contrast and so on directly on the material. The differences with OLED and classical LCD screens starts with the materials. It is mainly composed of organic materials ( carbon based ) that emit light when electricity is applied to them. The basic structure of an OLED is an emissive layer sandwiched between a cathode (which injects electrons) and an anode (which removes electrons). OLED technology allows less layers than LCD because the components are self sufficient; they don’t need a light layer; they produce it them selves. It’s thinness allows the OLED displays to be foldable, and adds to this incredible technology a large range of various applications. Modern OLED devices use many more layers in order to make them more efficient and durable, but the basic functionality remains the same. Transparent OLEDs use transparent or semi-transparent contacts on both sides of the device to create displays that can be made to be both top and bottom emitting (transparent). TOLEDs can greatly improve contrast, making it much easier to view displays in bright sunlight, and this allow us to create infinite applications like fully transparent OLED screens on glass or mirrors.

Features :

Higher Transparency

M+ (RGBW) Panel enables the transparency higher than conventional RGB panel so that it increases the image visibility.


Superior Color Gamut

With Superior Color Gamut, WFB presents a clearer image.

Superior Picture Quality

LG IPS technology provides true color image as the actual product color.


Wide Viewing Angle

IPS panel technology has the better control of liquid crystal. As a result, it allows users to view the screen virtually at any angle.


Low Power Consumption by M+

It has excellent energy-efficiency and cost-savings with the M+ panel, which decreases power consumption by 30% compared to the RGB panel.




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Pixel Pitch ResolutionContrastViewing AngleNumber of colorsOperating Conditions
1.66 mm 1920 x 10803000 : 1 cd/sqm178°16,7 millions O°c to 40°c


Bit depth per color
16 bit

3000 nits


Aspect Ratio

2 years

Touch Screen
Inframed touch-screen

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