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Flexible Indoor LED display, Pixel Pitch from 1.6mm to 110mm

Flexible Indoor LED display, Pixel Pitch from 1.6mm to 110mm
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Flexible and curved LED design with stunning effect and result

Street Communication has created an innovative, bespoke LED installation using our signature flexible and bendable LED lights.

We have taken what could have been a traditional, flat LED screen and twisted in into something that can truly be called art. Flexible LED screens allow limitless creative solutions that are surprising and eye-catching.

This innovative flexible indoor LED screen features :

  • a 10 mm Pixel pitch

  • a 3000 nits brightness

  • a high refresh rate

  • a low power consumption

Flexible LED displays feature
Slim at 16mm depth
• Magnetic mounting for ease of installation
• Up to 3000 nits brightness
• Very pliable
• Ultra quiet

Pixel PitchResolutionBrightnessViewing DistanceICLED configuration
6.22601460005 mMY9366SMD3528
7.81343660006 mMY9366SMD3528
9.31156260007 mMY9366SMD3528
12.56400600010 mMY9366SMD3528
163906600013 mMY9366SMD3528
40625600030 mGW6205SMD3535
55330600045 mGW6205SMD3535
80156600070 mGW6205SMD3535
100100600085 mGW6205SMD3535
11082600095 mGW6205SMD3535
160396000150 mGW6205SMD3535
Pixel PitchResolutionBrightnessViewing DistanceICLED configuration
1.63906253000Less than 1 mMBI5153SMD
1.92770083000Less than 1 mMBI5153SMD
2.516000030001 mMBI5153SMD
2.614792930001 mMBI5124SMD 1010-N
311111130002 mMBI5153SMD
3.110405830002 mMBI5124SMD1010-N
3.96574630002 mMBI5124SMD1010-N
462500030003 mMBI5153SMD
4.64725830003 mMY9366SMD2020
4.84340230003 mMBI5124SMD2020
54000030004 mMBI5124SMD3528
62777730004 m1R1G1BSUM2130
6.22601430005 mMBI5124SMD2020-N
6.62295630005 mMBI5124SMD3527
7.61731330006 mMBI5124SMD3528
101000030009 mMBI5124SMD3528
15.64109300012 mMY9269SMD3528
202500300015 mMY9221SMD3528
31.21027300021 mMY9221SMD3535


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