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Large custom LED cylinder tower display screen

Large custom LED cylinder tower display screen
  • LED cylinder tower screen display
    LED cylinder tower screen display

The flexible LED modules are made of soft PCB and rubber materials. They are extremely soft, can be designed in any sizes and shapes for creative installations. They have a compact modular design, 5mm thick, and magnetic connections. They can be easily attached anywhere, including in shopping malls, hotels, clubs ..

  • Pixel pitch : from 5.9 to 15.6 mm

  • Resolution : from 28727 to 4109

  • Brightness : 6000 nits


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Pixel PitchResolutionBrightnessViewing DistanceICLED Configuration
5.92872760004 mMBI5124MD2727
6.22601460005 m5252SMD3535
6.92100360005 m5252SMD3535
7.81643660006 mMBI5124SMD3535
8.91262460006 mMBI5124SMD3535
10.4924560009 m5252SMD3535
15.64109600012 m5252SMD3535

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