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LED standard display, Pixel pitch 1.66mm

LED standard display, Pixel pitch 1.66mm

Standard LED screens are now part of our everyday life; in the streets, shops, malls, airports, they have strongly established in the urban landscape, they guide and inform us every day. Available in pixel pitch from 1.2 to 6.125 mm for indoor uses, and pitch 4 to pitch 31mm for outdoor applications, all screen sizes can be created by simply assembling modules.

  • Pixel pitch : 1.6 mm

  • Resolution : 390625

  • Brightness : 3000 nits

Standard Fixed Indoor Pixel pitch 1.66 mm

Pixel PitchResolutionBrightness (nits)Viewing DistanceICLED configuration
1.63906253000 Less than 1mMBI5153SMD1010

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